Do YOU want to catch the biggest fish you've ever caught?

It wiggles, it wobbles, and it'll make the fish go wild!

We're old school!
We make baits to catch fish!

Our lure is made to mimic the popular bait fish known as darter minnows which are small, dart-like fish that every predator fish snacks on. These fish are part of the perch family and can be found all through North America. The lure mimics the darting motions of the darter minnow so the predator fish will attack the lure no matter what.

The white belly of our flatback minnow lure mimics the darter minnow bait fish making the lure even more attractive to predator fish. Flatback minnow lure is made of a solid polymer and every piece of the lure is made to be tough. The flatback minnow lure will withstand any kind of punishment you throw at it. It's made to withstand hard fishing and once you use the flatback minnow lure it'll become a quick favorite.

The flat back of the lure creates a vortex which sends out a bubbling sound and vibration which predators respond to.

The big belly of the flatback minnow lure is a ballast to keep it from flipping upside down when you're pulling it along and allows the lure to wiggle, wobble and swim through the water like a real fish. It's neutral buoyancy allows you to use it at any depth so you can use it for topwatering for bass or lay out the line and let it dive down for any type of fishing you require. That's what makes this such an all species lure.

Flatback minnow lures are hand-made in Canada so when you buy the lure you're keeping it in North America. That's why we're called CANADA LURE. And even though our lures are hand-made we keep high quality control on them to make our lures as perfect as they can be.

Every lure is hand-tested before it gets to you so you can be sure this lure will catch fish right out of the box and every time after.

So head on over to our store to put the Flatback Minnow Lure in your tackle box today!