The Bendy Minnow© is unlike any rubber/plastic lure in the market place. With a typical rubber bait you have to attach a jig-head and only get one type of action. The Bendy Minnow©'s weight is all ready INSIDE the lure: no more ripping apart your rubbers or hooking your fingers. Better yet, if you want to change the wiggle or wobble of the Bendy Minnow© all you have to do is BEND IT! Take a look at the pictures below to see different shapes you can bend the lure to.


Bendy Minnow Lures


The unique design of the Bendy Minnow© makes it one of the best bass or walleye/pickerel lures available. This doesn't mean that the Bendy won't catch other species of fish. You can cast it, jig it, and change Bendy's shape to suit whatever your needs. The Bendy Minnow© has been known to catch large lake trout as well as pike and muskie. The Bendy Minnow© is built with a through wire hook up so that even if the fish destroys your rubber, you won't lose that lunker. The red tag on the back along with a laser sharp single hook gives it extra attraction and the Bendy Minnow©'s shape gives it the action all predator fish are looking for.

With some tweaks and adjustments you can adjust the action of the Bendy Minnow©. The best way to bend it is to grab bendy by the tail end and gently bend it into the shape you want.

Get results like this with the Bendy Minnow©!

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